Pressure / Jet Washing Your Paving

Pressure or Jet Washing your PavingPressure washing, can be very effective on moss and general dirt buildup which occurs over time. Any pressure washer can be used on your paving and will give a varied difference depending on the power or PSI of the pressure washer. However please note, if using a high power pressure washer, the sand or concrete between block paving can be affected as the joints are filled with kiln dried sand which is extremely effected by pressure washing. Therefore it is highly recommended you do not use pressure washers for block paving.

If the pressure washer you are using is a lower PSI you may have greater effect by bringing the power washer closer to the paving or by adjusting the angle you are spraying at, this sometimes compensates for using a lower power jet washer on your paving.

In general, the higher power jet washer you use, the quicker you will get the job done and the cleaner your paving will become, therefore depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, you may find it more productive to hire a high power jet washing device from a local tool hire company. On average it will cost around £40-£50 to hire for one full day or a whole weekend with hire companies such as speedyhire.

Always brush away excess debris from the paving before beginning, leaves or excess dust or dirt should be removed by brushing thoroughly first, and then bagged up or collected and removed from the area to be cleaned.

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